About Us

FlyingTrav Essential Oils Diffusers Lockets are made using “Beautiful By Nature” Concept! The Beautiful By Nature Flying Spirit is Based on Honesty, Quality, Inspiration and Creativity!Stop Breathing in Toxins, Start Breathing Healthy! Aromatherapy & Yoga Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul! FlyingTrav Unique Tree of Life & Yoga Essential Oils Vent Clip Diffuser Locket is #1 Ecofriendly, Chemicalfree, Naturally & Safely Odor Eliminator. Share Your #BeautifulByNatureSpirit!

We have a love for all things natural, including the properties of aromatherapy. Our love of natural remedies inspired our own line of essential oil aromatherapy diffuser clip lockets. We love oils and we know you do too, so we created a way to enjoy your favorite essential oil all day with our Beautiful by Nature Spirit lockets! Our premium line of lockets is crafted with surgical steel, and utilize magnetic locks to hold the locket closed. Our jewelry comes with a package of 18  different colored felt pads that lock in the aroma for weeks at a time, and offer a color change to match your style of the day! We recommend essential oils FOREVER LIVING for things like stress, sleep, head discomfort, pesky bugs, even the sniffles! Enjoy the relief of our oils, or your own, at work, school, or wherever aromatherapy works for you!


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