🌱 How to Kill Ticks with Cedar Oil

If you’re using it for fleas and ticks it’s still a bit cheaper, and if you move up to the next size it becomes substantially cheaper again on a square foot coverage basis.

A quart of Nature’s Defender comes with a hose-end sprayer with marks on the bottle to make it easy to mix.Dr. Bens Hose End Sprayer

I spray a broader area when treating for other insects like mosquitoes and I add garlic oil for that because it’s a relatively inexpensive addition and mosquitoes hate it. The hose end sprayer has a good capacity and you can use it for any spraying needs, so it beats buying a similar sprayer for $10-$20.

I typically do the entire yard spraying with garlic oil mixed in as well for extra mosquito repellent. I combine with the Dr. Ben’s and do it all at once using the hose-end sprayer you see below. Works great.

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