3 Thoughtful Gifts for the Perfect Dad

Every Father was once a man busy chasing his dreams. But one day he learned that balancing a newborn’s head needed more care than fixing balance sheets. Changing the baby’s diaper became more important than finding a new job. Reading to a toddler became more fruitful than training the brightest interns. And raising kids was the more gratifying job than creating an empire. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate his journey to Fatherhood. Pamper your Dad with your time and make it memorable with Father’s Day specials from Kama Ayurveda.

Gift a Shaving Regime

Your Father is the quintessential tough guy, who makes looking good so effortless. He likes to begin his day with a squeaky clean feeling with a dash of fragrant charm. Gift him a Kama Shaving Regime to keep his skin soft, fresh and totally protected.

Shaving Foam:

A blend of rare botanicals, scented with the fragrance of pure Sandalwood and Mint. This product pampers and leaves a lingering sensation of freshness on the skin.

Pure Vetiver Water:

An After Shave Mist is always a great gift. This is a 100% natural astringent that fights any negative effect of dirt, impurities or worries on your skin.

Present a Hair Care Regime

The one thing that always looks good on your Father, is your loving company. On all other occasions he holds his head high and keeps his smile warm. That he always wears a crown of compliments is no secret. We say, add lustre and health to his crowning glory with our Hair Care Regime.

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment:

Rich Oils and scalp stimulating herbs create an unmatchable meditative and healing experience. The natural goodness of pure Sesame Oil, Milk, Gooseberry ensures lustrous hair growth. Bringadi also helps destress and its earthy fragrance promises a rejuvenating & refreshing sleep.

Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser:

The miraculous essential oils of Deodar and Hibiscus, gently clean the hair while retaining the natural oils. This product rehydrates and repairs naturally, without a trace of chemicals.

Himalayan Deodar Hair Conditioner:

This luxurious hair nourisher replenishes the natural moisture of the hair. Every wash with this makes the hair stronger, softer and compliment-worthy.

Pamper with a Skin Regime

Your Father’s face lights up at the very mention of your name. The frowns disappear and so do the last traces of any worldly worries. Keep his eternal sunshine intact with our Skin Regime.

Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Face Scrub:

With precious Kashmir Saffron & Almond that reduces pigmentation, fights sun-tan and brightens the complexion, this scrub deserves to be an essential skin-care regimen.

Pure Vetiver Water:

A natural toner with an earthy yet invigorating aroma, this is a natural astringent that tightens pores, cools and refreshes the skin. This also preps the skin for a moisturiser or cream allowing it to sink into skin effortlessly.

Skin Brightening Night Cream for Men:

The finest of Kashmir Saffron, exotic Indian Madder & healing Aloe Vera come together in this miraculous night cream to fight ageing, while leaving the skin spotless. This is the perfect all-round night treatment for naturally healthy skin.

Baba, Patro, Pai, Appa or Daddy, there are a thousand ways to address our fathers with love. And there are more than a million reasons to love them. Like how between the giggles and deadline pressures they chose your happiness. How they discovered they could roar like a lion and laugh like the clown in your storybooks. And how becoming a father, the most rejuvenating experience. From all of us here at Kama Ayurveda, here’s wishing eternal beauty and strength for this beautiful bond.

Happy Father’s Day!

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