4 Incredible Things the World learned from Ayurveda

Brahme Muhurte Hyuttishhejjirna Nirupayan Rakshartha Mayusah Swastho |

Brahme Muhurte Budhyet Swastho Raksharthmayusah |

To enjoy a long, healthy life, wake up early in a positive frame of mind and eat a light nourishing meal at night time.

Engraved in our vedas, this Sanskrit shloka was written some 5000yrs ago. But the potent truth of this philosophy rings true today, more than ever before. Today, our new-age fitness gurus, celebrities and influencers are waking up to Surya namaskars and ending the day with small nutritious meals that provide nourishment to both the body and skin. The age-old, science of Ayurveda has become a key influence for a new generation that is conscious of a need for balance and a harmonious existence with nature. Quite literally, Ayurveda is the knowledge (ved) of life (ayus). In the first ever documented scriptures in history, we find the knowledge of Kaumara Bhritya or paediatrics, Aganda Tantra or Toxicology and even Rasayana or science of anti-ageing. Much before the modern day gurus, doctors and fitness mentors, the true art of healthy living was taught by Ayurveda. Here are four beauty and wellness trends that come straight from Ayurveda and are finding new relevance in modern times.

The Golden Latte:

Our very own ‘Haldi Doodh’ (Turmeric Milk) now has a fancy name courtesy its global appeal and loyal cult following. Cold-pressed Haldi or Turmeric juice is mixed with Milk or Coconut Milk and sprinkled liberally with Cinnamon. Touted as a health-elixir, it is fast replacing caffeinated drinks, especially as a morning pick-me up. Everything that our Vedas taught us about the power of Turmeric is being lapped up by the insta-generation, one sip at a time. Turmeric is revered in Ayuveda as an immunity booster that is also known to induce good sleep and relax the muscles. Owing to its high anti-oxidant properties Turmeric Milk is very skin-friendly and regular intake lends a healthy glow of radiance from within.

Edible Face Masks:

Anything that is not edible should never be applied on the skin. Might seem like the philosophy of the millennial generation, but it really is one of the many rich teachings of Ayurveda. The most luxuriant beauty masks made with pure, natural ingredients can be traced back to the Vedic times. Saffron, Turmeric & Gram flour masks for exfoliation. Rose Petals, Honey & Milk Cream for soft and supple skin. Each combination is a gentle yet potent means to fight dull skin, dead cells and early signs of ageing. Little wonder then that the world today is embracing the power and potency of Ayurveda inspired face masks for day to day skin concerns.

Drinking water from Copper Vessels:

Copper is no more a metal associated with olden times and ancient homesteads. Today, it is fast replacing the fancy crockery on our dining tables and for all the right reasons. In Ayurveda, Copper was used for its innate healing and strength-giving properties. It was also known to boost the immune system and also balance the doshas in one’s constitution. As such it was the metal of choice for household utensils for both every day and special occasions. Today, many are reverting to storing water in a Copper vessel overnight for a naturally mineral enriched water as well using Copper bottles and glasses for drinking water.

Raw Food :

We have now rediscovered what Ayurveda has been prescribing since centuries. Growing fresh and eating raw is a successful mantra for rejuvenating and repairing our bodies. Sprouts are detoxifying cleansers, Citrus fruits the best vitamin-enhancers and vegetables like Papaya and Carrots hydrate the skin and fight ageing. Much before we looked into vegetarian, vegan and other diets, Ayurveda’s teachings on all-natural and balanced nourishment provided a strong foundation for a balanced dietary routine. Retaining the natural properties of food by keeping it raw or using light modes of cooking such as steaming and cooking on low heat were propagated by Ayurveda many ages ago, and are now finding their way into how we eat in today’s times.

As the challenges of the fast paced modern world and contemporary lifestyles catch up with us, the search for a balanced and holistic way of living is often derived from the ancient Ayurvedic principles. Its principles of remaining true to nature, strengthening the body and mind from within as well as mindful living are now being rediscovered across the world and entering the lives in small yet significant ways.

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