6 essential oils for new beginnings

6. Clary Sage

Starting something new always drags along an element of fear and self-doubt with it. It’s only natural to feel hesitant when jumping into new territory, but when that fear becomes overwhelming, it’s time to enlist the help of Clary Sage. Calm and soothing with an herbal aroma, this essential oil helps to set the tone as you banish uncertainty and re-instill a sense of calm to your mind.

Add a few drops of this oil to your facial moisturizer before bedtime for a soothing aroma you can use to manifest as you drift off to sleep. Then, before you snuggle up in bed, apply a couple drops of Clary Sage to your hands or add it to your bedside diffuser and breathe in the calming herbal aroma. Close your eyes and repeat the following mantra:

As I connect to my gifts, I build confidence in myself.

By building self-confidence and self-reliance on your gifts, you’ll feel more and more compelled to act, even if a dash of fear still remains. You can flip the script on that fear and use it as fuel for your dreams, and as your vision becomes clearer, you’ll feel emboldened to walk the path and take the leap.

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