7 Essential Oils for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats (Plus 3 Mixtures & Application Tips)

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Hot flashes and night sweats can be a challenging accompaniment to the female system, especially at the onset of menopause and beyond

Hot flashes most commonly start two to three years before a woman’s last menstrual cycle and last between a half a year and 15 or so years, often varying in severity throughout. It’s assumed that roughly eighty fiver percent of women in the United States will experience some degree of hot flashes as they near the menopausal stage of life.

Hot flashes are just one of many potential symptoms of the menopausal phase of life. While some women will only experience a few episodes a year, others will deal with multiple hot flashes throughout the day and night.

According to Ayurveda, the debilitating heat that accompanies this stage of life marks a transition point for the hot and fiery ‘pitta’ phase of the lifecycle. The resulting hot flashes and night sweats are an expression of this imbalance in pitta (heat) energies as well as the accumulation of “ama” (toxins) in the deeper tissues and channels in the body.

The restricted flow of heat that results from this menopausal imbalance builds up and eventually must find an outlet. When the heat does find an avenue to leave the body our energy channels quickly balloon with heat in a flashing fashion which leaves you feeling hot, bothered and overwhelmed.

As a result the key then to treating hot flashes is to find ways to balance our internal fiery qualities while also seeking to cleanse any accumulated toxins in the body.

Finding natural treatment methods


While there are pharmaceutical treatments available for hot flashes, they aren’t without their risks.

Many of the medications available are expensive and the active ingredients are also used to treat psychiatric disorders and depression. Most of these drugs tend to cause more harm than good, sometimes even increasing the likelihood of developing additional health problems. Doctor administered hormone therapy is also prescribed for hot flashes, but it can have serious side effects of its own.

Due to this the application of drugs for hot flashes is not recommended, as it can raise additional health concerns for menopausal women.

In an ideal world we could find natural resolutions for our hot flashes.

And luckily, we can – there are many natural treatments, such as essential oils, that can provide the cooling relief that we need.

In this post you will find a variety of essential oils and application methods that you can use to soothe your senses, body and mind.

The most important qualities in the oils we’ll focus on is that they are cooling for both the body and mind.

Resolving the root cause of hot flashes

Perhaps most importantly, we want to address the root imbalances in our body and stop hot flashes night sweats from occurring in the first place.

While Western Medicine does not have an explanation for why hot flashes happen, other medical schools do.

Both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have explanations for why hot flashes occur and they provide herbs and treatments that directly target the condition and can prevent hot flashes from occurring in the future.

While this post is focused on essential oils, I want you to have access to all of the best methods to treat and prevent your hot flashes. We are about to dive into the recommended essential oils, please do stick around after you read about the oils.

By utilizing both essential oils and the Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine approaches you should have all you need to put the dread of hot flashes behind you – perhaps for good.

Alright, onto the oils!

clary sage

Clary sage is a valuable oil for balancing hormones, especially those hormones associated with women’s bodies. Clary sage relieves symptoms of PMS, eases menstrual cramps and reduces the intensity and frequency of hot flashes and night sweats. Clary sage also improves digestion, inspires mental clarity, lowers blood pressure, sedates and relaxes to reduce insomnia. It’s ability to regulate female hormones means it can improve mental strength, uplift low moods, fight depression and reduce bloating.


Geranium is a calming, soothing heart mending oil. It’s revitalizing and detoxifying qualities help cleanse the body by improving digestion and enhancing elimination. Because geranium oil is a powerful regulator in hormone secretions it is a perfect oil to use when treating symptoms linked to PMS. It helps lessen anxiety, alleviate mood swings, reduce irritation and anger, and promotes feelings of euphoria and contentedness.

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Lemon has a refreshing effect on the body and mind. It is a tonic for soothing indigestion, improving nutrient absorption and relieving constipation. Lemon helps the body clear out energy and freshens the system in the process.

Like clary sage, the other kind of sage (known as dalmation sage or just sage), is a useful tonic for hot flashes. It comes without the hints of sweetness and peppermint flavor that its cousin clary sage has. Regular sage brings with it the usual scent we would associate with sage grown in our garden.

Studies have shown that sage reduces both the frequency and intensity of night sweats and hot flashes. Though not completely understood, the estrogenic compounds in this plant are effective at balancing hormones and limiting the hormonal occurrences that create excess heat in the body.


Cypress is a detoxifying oil that is especially useful for limiting fluid retention and reducing cellulite. It helps build hormonal and emotional balance with its soothing effects on the nervous system that restore calm and reduce excessive emotions that can unbalance the system. It’s soothing properties are enhanced by its cooling properties which makes it a great option for treating menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.


Lime, like lemon, has uplifting and stimulating effects on the mind and body. It clears mental exhaustion and fights off infection. It cleanses, uplifts and brings clarity.


Peppermint is a refreshing and uplifting oil that helps reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration. Peppermint, like lavender, is a well known essential oil with broad applications. It is effective at soothing achey joints, easing congestion, improving energy levels, treating and limiting hot flashes and combating headaches. And these are only a few of the many uses for this versatile.

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1.) Simple hot flash massage formula



  • Dilute essential oils into 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (argan, coconut,sesame, sweet almond, jojoba,grapeseed, macadamia).
  • You could also combine oils without a carrier oil and use 5 drops to 1 teaspoon carrier oil when desired for massage.
  • Massage all over the body. Blend can also be added to a bath with 5-7 drops of neat oil blend.

2.) Day & night sweats formula



  • Dilute mixture into 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (argan, coconut,sesame, sweet almond, jojoba,grapeseed, macadamia)
  • OR combine oils without a carrier & use 5 drops of your blend to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for massage when needed
  • Massage all over body. Blend can also be added to a bath with 5-7 drops of neat oil blend

3.) Hot flash b0rage seed blend




In the bath

  • Fill your tub with warm water. While it’s filling combine 1 tsp of milk and 4-7 drops of your blend in a non-reactive bowl
  • Add mixture to tub and agitate to disperse the oils
  • Soak for 30 minutes or more.
  • Massage any floating droplets of oil into your skin


  • Using a small-non reactive bowl combine 2 tsp grapeseed or sweet almond oil with 6 drops of your borage seed blend
  • Mix well and massage over your abdomen, chest, upper arms and lower back

Body spray

**To use as a body spray leave out the borage seed oil from the mixture

  • Combine your essential oils in a 4 oz glass bottle
  • Add 1 tsp unpastuerized honey
  • Add 1/4 cup peppermint hydrosol 
  • Add 6 tsp distilled / filtered water
  • Shake to blend
  • Spray mist over your body when experiencing a hot flash
  • If you suffer from night time episodes consider spraying over your body before bed and keep it near your bedside for night time episodes

Towel Soak Roll

Alright, hopefully you enjoyed those oils and blends. Lots to try out!

Now, as promised, here are some more natural remedies that you should make use of to treat your hot flashes.

banyan botanicals organic shatavari powder

Shatavari is a prized rejuvenating, nutritive tonic herb used to maintain the healthy production of female hormones and support the menopausal transition.

It is an amazing female tonic all around, as it reduces PMS symptoms, encourages health milk production for young lactating mothers and significantly reduces menopausal heat for older women. Shatavari is also supportive for a health immune system and improves both physical and mental digestion. It’s a very grounding herbal medicine.

Many women have reported that taking a 1/2 teaspoon of powdered shatavari a day in water or in a smoothie was enough to completely eliminate their hot flashes.

You can read some of the reviews about this product here on the Banyan Botanical Shatavari product page on Amazon.

banyan botanicals womens natural transition

This herbal formula from Banyan Botanicals was designed for women who are in the perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal stages.

This formula was created to provide the following support:

  • Nourishes the female reproductive system
  • Cools you down and prevents excess heat from building up the body
  • Encourage the female body’s natural balance of hormones – particularly the hormones that predominate menopause
  • Rejuvenates the mind by enhancing concentration, memory and the subtle emotions  of courage, love and acceptance

This formula brings together some of the best and most potent Ayurvedic herbs that are particularly beneficial for women in the later stages of life. It nourishes and grounds the entire female reproductive system, including the hormones, while mitigating stress on the body.

It includes the following herbs:

  • Shatavri
  • Vidari
  • Ashwagandha
  • Vetiver
  • Guduchi
  • Brahmi (Gotu kola)
  • Shankapushpi
  • Arjuna

Together these herbs ground, rejuvenate, promote cooling and heat mitigation in the body, cleanse toxins, provide tonic and emotional support to the heart and bring forth qualities of acceptance, strength and love.

eight flavor rehmannia teapills

Menopause can create a variety of different effects in the body, not all including excess heat like hot flashes. Because of this TCM has different recommendations for different symptoms.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the fundamental changes that occur during menopause can be attributed to kidney deficiency.

The rising heat experienced who are dealing with symptoms such as severe night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, dizziness, nervousness and/or emaciation is a specific expression of a form of imbalanced kidney energy.

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Focus on a cooling diet

In addition to using herbal remedies and essential oils you’ll want to be sure that your diet is calming, cooling and hot flash preventative.

Certain foods should be avoided – spicy foods in particular. Spicy foods with their intense heating qualities can cause anybody to feel sweaty, flushed and overheated.

Hot/heating/agitating foods to avoid include:

  • acidic foods like tomatoes, onions, garlic, red wine, sour fruits
  • fried foods
  • alcohol
  • red meat
  • caffeine
  • processed sugar

For prevention we should instead be eating foods that cool and pacify the excess heat in our bodies.

Cooling foods to include:

  • cucumbers
  • mint
  • cilantro
  • coconut
  • Sweet fruits like watermelon
  • fennel
  • legumes
  • fresh dairy products
  • leafy greens

Reduce stress levels

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Reducing hot flashes with stress reduction techniques is a always good idea.

By now in life you likely have a good understanding of what stresses you out and how to avoid it.

Here is a short list of some stress reduction ideas that you may or may not be thinking of already:

  • Avoid time pressure / deadlines
  • Avoid overworking
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Eat your biggest meals around lunch when your digestive power is at its peak
  • Drink room temperature water – avoid ice water
  • Avoid getting involved with toxic people or family members
  • Get to bed early

Relaxing in the evening and getting to bed early can be especially helpful for those late night hot flashes and night sweats. Hot flashes tend to peak in the late evening hours around 10 pm.

If you are prone to late night hot flashes you can be preventative by consciously cooling yourself down with relaxing activities that soothe your mind, body and emotions.

I recommend slowly sipping some cooling Ayurvedic herbal tea before bed time.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations of your own please let us know in the comment section below!

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