Back to School Diffuser Blends

This time of year, convenience is crucial. Try these staple blends for all your back to school needs. Consider customizing with a few drops of your favorite citrus or a dropperful of flower essences!

Legends Blend – 10 Drops


The ultimate in immune support! Based on traditional pathogen resistant herb blends. The warm and spicy notes are energetically grounding for the autumn shift.

Eucalyptus Grove Blend – 15 Drops

Clear Breathing

Clean air and open breathways! Purify your environment. Support decongestion. Uplifting to the weary.

Little Angels Blend – 20 Drops  

Easy Rest

Peaceful bedtime energetics. Adults and children alike feel their body, breath and mind relax.

Energize Blend – 15 Drops


Better than coffee! Work hard, study well, stay present. These botanicals support a productive day.

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