Back to school: Young Living style

Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Make this back-to-school season one to remember with Young Living. Read on to see how some of our favorite oils can help you and your kids succeed through the entire school year.

Essential oils for a great school year

KidScents® essential oil blends

Get the school season off to a great start with help from our KidScents line. These versatile blend will help your youngsters have an A+ school year.

Help your kids get a good night’s rest so they can have a productive school day. A warm bedtime bath sets the mood for a comfy night’s sleep. Simply add 2−4 drops of SleepyIze™ essential oil blend to a bath and let your children slip into a state of relaxing bliss.

Send kids to school with helpful oil roll-ons such as GeneYus™ and TummyGize™ in their backpacks to help them get through every part of their day.


Diffuse Clarity’s earthy blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, and more while studying, sending emails, or checking other items off your to-do list.

That after-school rush can be rough! Between picking up kids, passing out snacks, and tidying school supplies, it can be a little hectic. Make the transition a little smoother by diffusing Clarity to signify that it’s time to settle into some quiet homework time.


Chase your biggest goals with a blend of Black Spruce, Orange, and Lavender and enjoy the aroma when you are in a creative mood.

Inspire your family to do great work—from homework to music lessons—with the uplifting aroma of Envision. Apply it topically or diffuse it in the living room to enhance the whole house.

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