Brain training: Tips and tricks for a healthier brain

Learn something new

Looking for a hobby? The great news is that picking up new skills is a great way to give your brain a workout. Maybe learn how to bake that difficult dish that you have been wanting to try or train your mind on the endlessly amazing benefits of essential oils! Learning a new language is also a beautiful way to build brain health while opening up to new cultures. Diffuse Brain Power™ essential oil blend during a study session of your target language to spice things up.

Practice, practice, preach

We might feel stagnant in things we’ve been doing for a long time, but our brains can still benefit from making an effort to improve! What’s a skill you have that you could work on? If you’re a master chef, try making a dish from a different country. If you love hiking, look for a trail you’ve never taken before. Train your mind by setting a goal to advance in a new aspect of your tried-and-true skills to keep things feeling fresh!

Another tip for brain training is to teach your knowledge and talents to someone else! Not only will you have the chance to share what you love with someone, but teaching what you know will help you truly master your skill.

Pair your brain training with our Citrus CBD Oil. Place 1 drop in your palms and inhale. Give some to your student, too! That way you can both enjoy the benefits of the oil as you work together.

Strengthen your memory

As we age, it gets more and more difficult to remember things. But practice makes perfect! Try setting up a fun brain game challenge each week to help keep your mind clear. Is there a new game you want to learn? Try to memorize the rules of it so you can teach your friends! Or gather your favorite YL essential oils, close your eyes, and smell each of the oils. See how many scents you can recognize without peeking!

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