Brighten your day with Jade Lemon essential oil


Say goodbye to mysterious smells by placing a cotton ball with a few drops of Jade Lemon inside shoes, garbage cans, and other stinky suspects. You can also add a burst of brightness to your bedtime routine by adding a drop of Jade Lemon to a tissue and tucking it into your pillowcase for a citrus aroma.


Your dishwasher does so much for you, so treat it with this sunshiny oil. Add a few drops of Jade Lemon to your dishwashing detergent to leave your machine smelling fresh and clean.


Looking for something to make your next dish special? Try Jade Lemon Vitality™! This oil is formulated for internal use, so keep it in the kitchen. Add it to a glass of water for a lemon-lime flavor, use it to replace lemon juice in recipes, or add a few drops to vanilla yogurt for a sweet fruit flavor.

YL tip: Elevate your classic lemon bars with Jade Lemon!

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