???? Choosing the Best Grounding Shoes (2019 Update)

Scientific studies have proven how beneficial grounding can be to our health. The ideal way to do so would be to go outside barefoot and stand in the grass. Unfortunately, this is not practical or achievable for everyone. Many have jobs that keep them indoors for most of the day, and then have other duties to tend to once they get off work.

One of the most effective ways to undergo grounding (also known as earthing) without having to make a conscious effort to do so is by wearing grounding shoes. Grounding shoes, otherwise known as earthing shoes, can help promote the transfer of electrical charges from your body to the earth, and vice versa.

Earthing and Grounding Shoes Could Dramatically Improve Your Health

The concept of earthing has been around since the beginning of mankind. Early man, however, didn’t realize the drastic health benefits they received by walking around barefoot. About 10,000 years ago, mankind’s feet began to lose contact with the earth when the first sandals were worn. Shoes were seen as a status symbol by the time Rome rose to power.

By 1876, the first rubber-soled shoes were being introduced, and by World War II it was considered common to wear synthetic-soled shoes. Mankind was quickly losing contact with the earth, and all the benefits afforded through grounding.

When making direct contact with the earth, we receive a boost of revitalizing energy. Unfortunately, most shoes prevent this from occurring. Since we now spend most of our days inside and wear shoes when we go outside, we lose the benefits that direct contact with the earth can offer. Some can go years without their feet touching the ground, as further explained in this YouTube video, “What is Earthing?”

When we lose direct contact with the earth, positive energy accumulates in our body. Positive energy, in this case, does not refer to good energy. This “positive energy” refers to collected protons. As protons accumulate, our bodies grow further and further away from a neutral charge.

The Benefits of Earthing

The US National Library of Medicine published the article, “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons.” This article opened by saying that new scientific research has indicated that direct physical contact with the electrons on the earth’s surface has direct and positive physiological effects. The earth’s surface constantly generates an endless supply of electrons, thanks to the global atmospheric electrical current.

Earth’s electrons remove free radicals from our system, reducing our risk of cancer and other fatal diseases. Earthing has also been shown to relax the nervous system as your body returns to center. As a result, many users have reported a reduction of symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and poor sleep.

Why Not Just Walk Around Barefoot?

The concept of earthing is big on maintaining contact with the earth. Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk around barefoot? Unfortunately, walking around barefoot outside today can cause more harm than good, especially depending on where you live. If you live in a city, you risk infection walking through dirty streets.

Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman told The New York Times, “(But) when you go barefoot, you are exposing yourself beyond what you really need to.” She went on to elaborate that danger lies everywhere. Even something as innocent as a rose bush could transmit sporotrichosis, which is a fungal infection.

This is where earthing shoes come in handy. Earthing shoes allow you to maintain contact with the earth and receive the grounding benefits of walking around barefoot without risking infection.

Benefits of Grounding Shoes

Grounding shoes promote an electric current with the earth. Earthing shoes contain a conductive material in the footbed, such as copper, carbon, or silver. Grounding shoes allow you to take advantage of the earth’s benefits, no matter where you are, what time of day it is, or what the weather is outside.

Walking shoes transfer the earth’s electrons, no matter what surface you’re walking on. This includes grass, sand, soil, stone, gravel, concrete, and brick.

Lloyd Burrell is an electromagnetic field specialist. He conducted tests involving various grounding shoes using voltage meters. His tests revealed that walking barefoot resulted in a 99.8% earthed rate while walking with earthing shoes resulted in a 99% earthed rate.

For comparison’s sake, thong sandals resulted in a 75% earthed rate, while running shoes resulted in a 0% earthed rate. At the end of the study, he concluded that he himself would purchase the shoes he tested.

It’s worth noting that you may not see results overnight. Some users don’t feel anything when they first try the shoes on, while others immediately feel the effects. Everyone’s body is different. If you purchase a high-quality pair of shoes, trust that in time the results will be positive.

Additionally, the initial results may not be what you’d expect. Some users have reported that their first earthing attempts resulted in aches, pains, and a feeling like they had the flu. This is common as your body works itself back to a neutral charge. Most report that these feelings are temporary and ultimately subside.

If these feelings are too intense, remove the shoes and take a break from using them. After a few days, begin wearing the shoes again for a few minutes at a time until you gradually become accustomed to the way the earth’s energy interacts with your body.

The Best Grounding Shoes Available

If you’re looking to protect your feet while earthing, your best bet is to start with one of these models of grounding shoes. Many of the companies on this list make a variety of grounding shoes, so be sure to compare product selections before deciding on the right earthing shoe for you.

Bastien Industries Moose Hide Leather Earthing Moccasins

Many manufacturers choose to use natural materials when constructing their grounding shoes. Bastien provides one of the highest-quality moccasin earthing shoe products.

The shoes are made of premium leather and feature a double-leather sole that provides maximum comfort. They are warm, which could limit their use. People who use grounding moccasins find that they are better off using them in cooler months.

  • Very durable shoes
  • Shoes range between $55 and $70
  • Can keep your feet dry and fully protected when outdoors
  • Sole is double-layered
  • Not ideal for rough terrains like concrete or asphalt
  • Can make your feet sweat
Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin

These shoes feature a stylish, minimalist design made of 100% cow suede leather. The shaft of the shoe measures 2.25 inches from the arch.

Those that have previously worn this shoe indicate that they fit like a second skin and are very comfortable.

  • Comes in over ten different patterns and colors
  • Sole is natural leather, promoting conductivity
  • Padded cushion insole is comfortable
  • With a price range of $29 – $65, these are more affordable than other grounding shoes
  • Foam padding cannot be easily removed
  • There is no manufacturer’s warranty
Pluggz Suede Grounding Drivers

These suede shoes provide a more formal look than moccasins or sandals. They allow you to receive the same earthing benefits as other grounding shoes without sacrificing style.

Pluggz shoes feature a rubber sole with silver stitching. Even though the sole is rubber, the silver stitching allows it to be conductive. The shoes’ insoles, made of cushioned memory foam, are moisture wicking and anti-microbial. The insoles are strategically placed so that your foot remains grounded at all times.

  • Receive earthing benefits without sacrificing style
  • Look and feel more like a pair of shoes you are accustomed to wearing
  • Can be worn casually or formally
  • These earthing shoes cost about $150
  • Suede is difficult to care for
Juil Gaia Vegan-Friendly Sandals

By their very nature, grounding shoes are not typically vegan-friendly. Juil found a way around this, offering an option that is both effective and free of animal parts.

They used compound copper conductors through the soles of the shoes to keep you grounded. Their vegan option is appropriately named the Gaia. It features a satin upper instead of leather, and vegetable dyes provide the colors.

Unfortunately, Juil went out of business, so the only hope of finding them is on the secondary market. To date, there has not been another attempt at a shoe that classifies as both vegan and grounding, but we’re holding out hope!

  • Vegan-friendly option
  • Copper for conductivity
  • Comfortable fit sandal
  • No half sizes
  • Only available on the secondary market
Transforming Technologies Heel Grounder

This is a device that is designed to attach to the heel of your regular shoes to mimic the effects of grounding shoes. The primary use of it is to discharge static electricity for people working in environments where that is a problem.

There is a strap that goes around the heel of your shoe that has a conductive material woven through the rubber and that is connected to a piece of conductive fabric that goes into your shoe. Perspiration from your feet is supposed to be the conductor between that strap and your skin, through your sock.

This seems like a more error-prone solution than some of the other shoes. And while it’s an inexpensive solution, it’s also ugly as homemade sin. Most people won’t want to wear these beyond a construction or other industrial site.

  • Versatile – can be placed on any shoe
  • Inconsistent conductivity, at best
  • The strap could fall off when walking
Which Shoe is the Winner?

All of the provided shoes are high-quality earthing shoes that you can’t go wrong with. Each is very usage specific, so the best choice will depend on your needs. Our personal favorite is the Earth Runners Circadian Sandals. This pair not only provides comfort, but it makes you truly feel as though you’re connecting with the earth.

No matter which shoe you select, the important thing is to find the perfect pair for you. Beyond the earthing benefits, the fit is more important than anything, but style and cost should also be considered. With these brands, you’ll certainly find a grounding shoe that will prove to be extremely beneficial.

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