Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

4. Get rid of grease. Putting off scrubbing away at that tower of dishes? Make it easy-breezy by adding 3-4 drops of Citrus Fresh to Thieves® Dish Soap, since Lemon and Orange essential oils are masters when it comes to getting ride of greasy residue.

5. Out with unwanted odors. After the riffraff—aka those kids we love so much—are done with parties, sleepovers, and movie marathons, diffuse smell-conquering Citrus Fresh to cleanse the air. In spaces where diffusing is difficult, stash oil-infused cotton balls.

6. Add fruity flavor. Don’t forget about Citrus Fresh’s twin: Citrus Fresh Vitality™! Add this burst of yummy to parfaits, marinades, infused oils and vinegars, and any other culinary creation you come up with. With top-notch antioxidant properties, adding a drop or two of deliciousness to water is an absolute no-brainer.

7. Be artsy. Let your creative juices flow! Grab your paintbrushes, violin, or knitting needles and let your muse speak to you. When the happy aromas of Citrus Fresh and Lemongrass combine with legendary Frankincense and sharp Eucalyptus Radiata, there’ll be no end to what you can make.

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