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Storing your slime

To keep everything slimy and fresh (not something we’d ever thought we’d say, but here we are!), store your slime in an airtight container for up to three months. After a few days, the scent of the oil may fade. Get your homemade slime smelling sweet again by adding three drops of oil and mixing well.

A second of science

Why, when you combine these particular ingredients, do you get DIY slime? Science!

Contact solution, glue, and baking soda combined causes a chemical reaction that produces slime, just like combining vinegar and baking soda create a chemical reaction that looks like a volcano. Ready for all the brainy details on the reaction behind slime? The PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) in glue will form a cross-linked bond with the borate ion that forms when you mix baking soda and contact solution. This cross linking stops the molecules from sliding past each other; instead, they stick together for a new gooey slime substance. Cool, huh?

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