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In the rush of our daily routines, we often pass by mundane spaces like our lingerie drawer or linen closet without a second thought. Making something sweet-smelling for these nooks and crannies will produce a simple pleasure to greet you each time you open a drawer or cupboard in your home.

Create an essential oil-filled sachet to add the delicate scent of lavender in unexpected places. These pocket-sized pouches give a tiny dose of aromatherapy and freshen up any unpleasant-smelling areas.

How to make DIY scented sachets

What you need

½ cup uncooked rice
¼ cup Epsom salt
1 cup dried lavender buds
Muslin cotton drawstring pouches, approximately 5 inches long by 4 inches wide
40 drops Lavender essential oil

What you do

1. In a medium bowl, mix rice, Epsom salt, flower buds, and essential oil to thoroughly scent the mixture.
2. Spoon mixture into your muslin pouch.
3. Place anywhere you want to add a fresh lavender scent.
4. Refresh your pouch every 2─3 weeks by opening it up and adding more drops of essential oil.

This recipe creates enough for two sachets.

YL tip: Instead of buying new pouches, go green and use something you have lying around! Spoon the mixture into a cute sock that’s lost its mate and tie the top. If you’re the crafty type, you can even sew a little bag from a scrap of fabric.

Tailor your sachets to your tastes

The charm of the simple sachets is that you can tailor them to fit your scent pallet preferences.

Fill these little packages with any dried flowers or herbs you like! Rosemary needles, dried chamomile, and cedarwood shavings are all clean and crisp smells that provide a pleasant whiff instead of a cringy odor.

Customize your creation using any essential oil combo you love most!

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