Essential oils for travel (and other vacay must-haves)

How to travel with essential oils on a plane

If you’ll be flying over the holidays, you might wonder whether you can bring essential oils in your carry-on bag. The short answer is yes. Since essential oils are liquids and usually only contain 5 or 15 ml worth of oil, you can bring as many oil bottles as fit in a quart-size bag.

If you want to take more than that, you can put them in your checked luggage. Just be sure to tighten the caps securely so they don’t leak onto your clothes. You might also want to put them in a carrying case for good measure.

What travel gear should you pack on your trip?

When it’s time to travel, it is important to be prepared with the equipment you need to get you through your trip. We’ve got all of your travel necessities at YL Gear!

  • Simply throwing your essential oils in your luggage will make it difficult to find the oils when you need them. Pack an oil travel case like the August Case to easily organize and store your essential oils.

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