Essential Oils You’ve Never Used Before

6. Mastrante essential oil

You might not know it net, but Mastrante is your armotherapy bestie. Its pleasant and calming fragrance brings relaxation to any room. You’ll also love this oil for its skin care superpowers. Whether you want to set a grounding, down-to-earth vibe or go for radiant glow, Mastrante is the friend you can’t do without.

How it smells: sweet, earthy, and almost fruity (like a good tea)
Where you know it: Light the Fire™ essential oil blend and this list of beauty products you totally deserve.
Plays well with: Ginger, Orange and Cypress

If you like Grapefruit, Angelica, and Melissa, you’ll like Mastrante.
What do these oils have in common? Each boasts an irresistible, sweet scent, but Mastrante’s unique aroma is in a class of its own. You’ll never smell anything quite like it.

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