Farm facts: All about the Young Living Northern Lights Farm

Which oils come from the Northern Lights Farm?

The Northern Lights Farm’s most popular oil is Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil, obtained from the needles, branches, and wood of the Picea mariana black spruce trees. The farm’s state-of-the-art distillery runs year-round distillations of black spruce, using five steam chambers that can produce 60 total kilograms of essential oil per distillation—that’s the equivalent of 12,000 5 ml bottles of Black Spruce essential oil!

What other facilities are on the farm?

Besides the distillery, the farm facility boasts two laboratories, an observation room, a farm store, and much more. The farm’s laboratory technician performs tests throughout the spring, summer, and fall on a variety of botanicals that grow in the area. These tests help fine-tune Young Living’s farming, essential oil profiles, and harvesting times so we can maintain the farm’s ecological balance and protect this very special corner of nature.

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