For the motivated. A favorite for work colleagues and powerful manifestors. 




Love at first scent and touch. It’s amore! Lovers welcome. 



Luxury, feel-beautiful rituals and products.




For mystics, seekers, and mellow-makers. For the yogi and the over-tired loved one.




For jet-setters, gypsies, and the road-weary. Supportive botanicals for life on the road. 



The diffuser kits, blends and single notes.  For newcomers and aromatherapists alike. 



For the little ones in your life. Gentle botanicals to nurture and calm the babes. 



For hikers, bikers, gym-goers. Complement a pumping heart and soothe sore muscles. 



Tidbits for stockings, office gift-exchanges, and keen-to-try botanical novices.