Gratitude challenge: 30 ways to invite gratitude into your life

November 21: Repeat this mantra as you start your day: “Everything I need is within me. I am grateful for all I have and for all that I am. I am enough.”

November 22: Go for a walk and pay attention to the nature around you. We are so used to having a set destination all the time, it can be special to allow yourself to get outside without any destination or plan in mind. Simply enjoy the views, smells, and sounds of the mountains, leaves, birds, trees, and more.

November 23: Write a letter to your younger self thanking them for helping you grow into the person you are today.

November 24: Look in the mirror and say three things you are grateful for and love about yourself.

November 25: Hold the door for every person behind you today.

November 26: Journal about a life experience that has had the biggest positive impact on you.

November 27: Write a letter to someone who has changed your life for the better. Bonus point: share the letter with that person.

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