Guilt-free Holiday Indulgences 🎄 – Floracopeia Essential Oils Blog & Events

First of all, I must say how exciting it is when my Floracopeia purchases arrive….I know there are treasures from the Earth and her Guardians in there. This Rose Tincture is truly special. I took a dose right away….did not evaporated the alcohol as I usually do, and let it sit under my tongue for a minute, amazed at the flavoraroma. After a few minutes, while working away, the most pleasant inner well being spread from my core outward like a beautiful aura and my mind could smell the scent! I gave some to a very overworked coworker without telling her of my experience. A half hour later, as she walked by my office, she said it made her feel very well. This is definitely a Soul First Aid. Thank you!

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