How to Get Soft Lips: 5 Tips to Level Up Your Lips

2. Catch some beauty sleep

Want to look and feel your best? There’s no way to cheat; you’ve just got to get some good sleep! When your body is at rest, your blood can more easily flow, which is essential to supple, glowing skin. Take hydration to the max by applying an ultra-moisturizing product after you brush your teeth at night and letting it soak into your lips while you sleep.

For a skin-soothing treatment, we recommend Savvy Minerals® Lip Luxe™! It’s not just the ultra-hydrating gloss you need on top of your go-to lipstick like we’ll talk about below, but the lip-loving lottery. Packed with 19 oils like jojoba, sunflower, and shea, this secret weapon is a makeup must, must, must!

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