How to use Basil essential oil: 5 must-try tips

Party on

Pump the music, grab the snacks, and get ready for an unforgettable party! Create a unique centerpiece by building a DIY floating candle bowl for your outside gatherings. Fill your favorite punch bowl with water, add 10 drops of Basil, and set floating candles on top. You’ll have a fragrant conversation piece ready to glow!

YL tip: Add a few drops of citronella to your mixture to keep the bugs away from your party.

Massage those muscles

After a workout that made you feel like a boss, it’s time to take care of your muscles! If you’re wondering about Basil essential oil uses that can help after a workout, simply mix a few drops with V-6™ or add it into your CBD Oil Base and give yourself a refreshing massage to loosen up those tight muscles.

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