How to Use Essential Oils Safely & Effectively

With all that we’re experiencing in the world and our personal lives, it can be hard not to feel grief, anxiety, troubled, confused, or plagued by unceasing thoughts or trauma.

Trauma is talked about more than ever these days — there are studies that show the grave effects it can have on our physical, mental, and emotional health — and we all experience it to varying degrees, some more than others. So given its prevalence — especially in 2020 — our loving question for you is:

How are you caring for yourself these days?

Self-care is a term that gets tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? It boils down to making it your #1 priority to look after your own health and take action to make sure you feel grounded, safe, nourished, and held by your environment, your spiritual practices, the foods you choose, the exercise you do, the people around you, and the healing supports you work with.

Palo Santo is known to nurture that space that makes healing possible…

The Indegenous people of Ecuador have traditionally used Palo Santo as a “protector” — to protect themselves from mosquitoes, infections and viruses, negativity, and more.

The reason is that it has antimicrobial, antidepressant, and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) powers. Shamans say it removes negativity, and perhaps one of the most powerful things about Palo Santo essential oil is that it’s extremely beneficial for panic attacks.

You might be familiar with Palo Santo smudge sticks for fumigating your home or using in ritual or ceremony. The essential oil of Palo Santo is especially powerful for fighting illness, depression, anxiety, and trauma because it’s high in limonene (a potent antimicrobial) AND it has an immediate calming effect.  

To discover how to let Palo Santo take care of you, check out this video teaching with our founder David Crow:


Or goal is to support you with unique, ethically crafted, sustainably sourced, and highly effective botanical solutions. To help you handle whatever you’re facing (including the turbulence of our collective experience this year!) here are four of our favorite trauma-specific blends:

Top 4 Palo Santo blends for healing trauma 

Which one is right for you?


    This blend is great for stabilizing and soothing mental and emotional states while gently clearing emotional trauma. It often helps release psychological pain through the dream state. By supporting your mind’s ability to cleanse itself, it helps emotional trauma be gently and effectively released without side effects or re-traumatization. (Great for rescue animals too!)


    Use this clearing potion to keep yourself centered, strong, and balanced. It cleanses your energetic system, removes negativity, releases non-beneficial qi (energy), and restores a pure space supportive of health, truth, clarity, and peace. Simply mist around yourself to create a healing aromatic cascade when you feel stressed, confused, on guard, or like you’ve taken on the weight of the world or the struggles of others.


    Lie back and let your mind find comfort and centering with this floral ally that helps you release negative mental states, confusion, and repetitive thoughts. Use it before sleep or more frequently throughout the day to calm an overactive mind (you can use it every 5-10 minutes during an especially overactive phase!).


    Stress Relief is a relaxing and soothing floral blend designed to energetically support your nervous system and provide immediate emotional soothing. People often choose it to bring quick relief during stressful times, traumatic events, emergency situations, and uncomfortable life transitions. By spreading calm throughout your body, it supports the healing of a wide range of issues.

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