“During the rainy seasons….he should use perfumes, should expose his clothes to fragrant fumes…..”

– Aṣṭāñga Hṛdayam

Vata is the dominant Dosha during the Monsoons, representing the element Air (with traces of Ether).

An imbalanced Vata can leave you feeling nervous, anxious and disoriented. You may be physically tired too, as Vata disturbances mean disturbed sleep patterns. The characteristic damp and stuffiness of the Monsoons can permeate your Spirit. It can drag you down, making your feel like your physical environs are stale and in need of refreshment.

You might frequently experience brain fog, or a manifestation of mental fatigue that is characterised by lack of clear mental articulation and memory recall, a sense of mental disorganisation and confusion; and scattered focus. This is particularly indicative of a disturbed Vata.

When you try to understand why you are stressed, overworked and exhausted, there might be some self-introspection involved. Where there is self-introspection, there are reference anchors for comparison. Often, this involves memories; and some of these may have to do with varying states of our mental and physical wellbeing.


If Ayurveda advocates the use of healing herbs, flowers, plants and spices – gifts of Nature as they are – for the attainment of Mind-Body Balance, then this includes the Aroma and Oil Extracts of plant compounds, as it does any other elements. Aromatherapy utilises the medicinal vibration from distilled flowers, leaves, branches, or roots. The healing fumes are then absorbed by the skin or nasal passage. From here, they make their way into the limbic system, the primordial ‘bank’ of memories and emotions. Burning incense sticks has been an age-old tradition in Indian culture, but also cultures around the world. It is a revered practice in Ayurveda for its aromatic, cleansing, and spiritual benefits. An ideal method of purification, even for spiritual ‘clutter,’ it can help create a harmonious environment inside the four walls of your home, so that you can enjoy a much-deserved rest.

Keeping in mind the serenity that pervades the air on lighting an incense stick, Kama Ayurveda offers its range of Natural Incense Sticks. Each one is a sustainably sourced bamboo stick, with the best natural essential oils, herbs, roots, and resins.

Our popular Sambrani Incense Sticks revive nostalgic memories of grandma’s early morning rituals, and the associated sense of comfort, safety and tranquillity. Sambrani is profound and emotionally anchoring, instilling a sense of calm harmony and introspection. Kapurkachri is stimulating, with a pleasant aroma; and energising. Citrathai is reinvigorating, comforting and warming; as it reinforces inner strength and clear focus.

At times, you may want to cozy up on your couch, and just curl in a ball to read a book. An enjoyable book and serene weather should be accompanied with an arcadian ambience. Kama Ayurveda can help, with the Kannauj Candle and Madurai Candle, representing Signature fragrances – the Kannauj Rose and Madurai Jasmine.

Aromatherapy through Essential Oils is a very popular form of alternative healing and daily rest and rejuvenation, showing no signs of abatement! Essential Oils are not just effective, but very versatile. Besides infusing the surrounding air with delightful fragrances, they also help keep bugs, insects, viral infections, mold and fungal developments at bay. When mixed with suitable carrier oils, they may be used to treat skin breakouts and complexion texture issues. A few drops may be added to diffusers, or cleaning and swabbing water, so that clean, crisp freshness may envelope your home or office, when the weather begins to induce feelings of despondency. Kama Ayurveda shares some popular choices for the Season, including:

If your wanderlust is undeterred by the showers, you probably wish to chart the proverbial seas and no storm can stop you. Our Insect Deterrent has you covered (literally). 100% Natural, it includes antibacterial, soothing and purifying Essential Oils like Neem, Vetiver, Peppermint, Geranium, and Lemongrass are effective for up to 3-4 hours per application. Our Insect Deterrent is chemical-free, as kind to Mother Nature as it is to your skin.

The Monsoons can certainly be comforting, but also very chaotic. Treat yourself to an Aromatherapy Session at home. It is a wonderful way to create some ‘Monsoon me-time’ for some respite from the chaos of daily living – including that unpredictable weather.

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