You must be wondering why our Monsoon Ayurveda Story – in-store and online – is revolving around the 3 key words, Cleanse Heal Rejuvenate.

They are the pillars on which the Ayurvedic method for Mind-Body Detoxification and Purification, Rest and Repair and Transformation rests on. This traditional, holistic Rejuvenation Therapy is known as Panchkarma (Sanskrit; panch = five, karma = treatment, procedure).

It consists of five procedures to ‘recalibrate’ and re-balance vitiated Doshas in the Body. Briefly, these can be described as below:

  1. Vamana
  2. Emetics, or ‘induced vomiting’ which helps to remove toxins from the stomach. This method treats disorders resulting from Kapha Dosha imbalances.

  3. Virechana
  4. Also known as purgation (cleansing), Virechana entails the use of laxatives to cleanse the small intestine, remedying Pitta Dosha imbalances. This also makes for the best line of defense against skin disorders.

  5. Basti
  6. In simpler language, this step is best described as a medicated enema. It uses herbal and/oily concoctions to clean out the site of the Body’s ‘base Vata Dosha,’ the colon (large intestine). Since Vata is known as the ‘leader Dosha,’ Basti Karma is an effective way of ensuring an overall sense of balance and removal of deep-rooted impurities.

  7. Nasya
  8. It refers to administration of nasal drops as a means of detoxification; and mainly for treating health issues originating from, or troubling the region of the head. Ayurvedic physicians use it to treat chronic allergies and help soothe those who are constantly exposed to environmental pollution and excessive sensory stimulation overall.

  9. Rakta Moksha
  10. A method of blood purification using herbs, which strengthens the immune system and increases its resourcefulness and resilience. It targets skin ailments and helps eliminate toxins that have entered the bloodstream via the gastrointestinal tract.

It is not possible for all of us, all the time, to indulge in the full-fledged therapy. However, Kama Ayurveda has introduced its Monsoon Ayurveda Cleanse, Heal, Rejuvenate story, to inspire you to explore a simplified, ‘everyday’ Panchkarma.

Though Cleansing, Healing, Rejuvenating carries pre-Panchkarma, preparatory connotations, the routine offers the same cleansing, purifying, strengthening, and invigorating benefits as a 360-degree Panchkarma programme. It can be practiced in relatively small, manageable proportions. Since the products and their ingredients are so pure, you should be able to include them in your regular beauty regime without interruption and inconvenience.

Cleanse – Purify Internally, Exfoliate Externally

Our Ubtan Body Cleanser is a perfect illustration of Panchkarma-related Udhvarthana, a special type of Abhyanga, or massage with herbs and pulses to help slough off dead skin. A daily-use alternative to synthetic soap, it combines the antioxidant properties of Fennel and Green Gram, with the deep-skin moisturising prowess of Sweet Almond Oil. It exfoliates, softens and tones skin to restore blemish-free radiance. The Rose Jasmine Hair Cleanser provides gentle nourishment and hydration for dry, rough and over-treated hair. It helps soothe an inflamed, irritated scalp, inducing healthy shine and gloss.

Heal- Look Within, Understand Yourself

Allow our Organic Neem Oil to restore your scalp, hair and skin from the incessant onslaught of daily pollutants and toxins. Ayurveda describes Neem as Sarva Roga Nivarini, or the ‘Universal Cure of Ailments.’ It helps prevent dryness, flakiness and dandruff with its natural antibacterial properties. The Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack, featuring Red Sandalwood, Ashwagandha and Coriander, helps reduce intensity of stubborn acne breakouts, that result from the constant fluctuation between heat and pollution, and rains and humidity.

Rejuvenate- Zest for Life, Harmony with Healers

Our Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream works while you sleep to help encourage healthy skin cell renewal. It helps bring fresh, younger-looking skin to the surface, strengthening it with collagen-replenishing Aloe Vera, cooling Lotus, gently exfoliating and brightening Kashmiri Saffron and blood-purifying Manjishtha, or Indian Madder.

Oil therapy methodologies and oleation materials are prescribed under Snehana Vidhi in Panchkarma. Whilst snehana in Sanskrit means ‘oiliness’/lubrication, sneha also means love. Try our Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment Oil, which embodies the idea of self-love and self-care through the therapeutic practice of abhyanga, harnessing the blood regulating, pain-relieving, and psychologically anchoring qualities of its core ingredients. This is a thoughtfully balanced, 100% Ayurvedic Oil Blend, in a base of detoxifying Whey, and protective Sesame, along with Ayurvedic anti-ageing Rasayanas Ashwagandha, Himalayan Deodar or Devadaru and Yashtimadhu or Liquorice. It is recommended for physical and mental burnout, and daily complaints of exhaustion, stiffness, and pain; but is the perfect accompaniment to your manicure and pedicure massages as well!

Celebrate the top-to-toe Panchkarma therapy at home with Kama Ayurveda. Transform your body to make peace with your inner self and most importantly, learn how to feel happily, effortlessly beautiful, everyday.

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