Make your Father’s Day exquisitely beautiful!

Fathers are beautiful. When they nurse our bruised egos and show us the greatness in failure. When they fuel our yearning for perfection and help us spring back, if we fall short. When they teach us to laugh and laugh the loudest at ourselves. Fathers are beautiful, because they are the strength in our love.

This Father’s Day, shower some love on your perfect Dad with Kama Ayurveda’s pure and exclusive products especially curated for Men. We have something for every kind of Dad. Choose from the Pure Vetiver Water for the Calm Dad and the Kama Shaving Foam for the Effortless Father. And conjure up an entire basket, if you think your Father is a little bit of all the awesomeness.

The Always-on-the-go-Dad will make time for Himalayan Almond Face Scrub:

Fathers are always walking a fine line of being your confidante and a strict disciplinarian. Add to that a demanding career that takes them places, literally. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could give your high-flier Dad a refreshing experience that could take some years off his face? We recommend our Himalayan Almond Face Scrub. It contains precious Kashmir Saffron & Sweet Almonds that reduce pigmentation, fight sun-tan and brighten the complexion. This scrub deserves to be on your dad’s quick but essential skin-care regimen.

The Sporty Dad is sure to pick-up the Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser:

He believes in more than the race to the corner-office. He introduced you to a wholesome life, where you tasted camping, fishing, jogging and even one-leg hopping. He is the sporty dad, who respects his body and encourages you to do the same. Our Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser is a perfect pick for someone as active and aware. This hydrating daily cleanser lifts away dirt, sweat and pollutants for clean, fresh and supple skin. Invigorating Himalayan Deodar essential oil combined with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vetiver, Black Cumin and Lavender perfectly cleans, tones and lightly hydrates dull skin. Ideal for use after an intense workout or a round of his favourite sport, this all-rounder deserves a spot in your Dad’s skin-pampering team.

The Loving Dad deserves the Himalayan Deodar Body Moisturiser:

Fathers may seem to leave your finger and urge you to walk, when you need their support the most. But they are always watching your back. For somebody so caring, our Himalayan Deodar Body Moisturiser is the perfect gift. The natural ingredients like Aloe Vera hydrate the skin from within. The pure essential oils of Himalayan Deodar balance his skin and leave a rich and enviable glow, just like warmth of his love.

The Effortless Dad deserves the Shaving Foam:

He never tries hard or may be it is just the effortless charm he’s always had. He is suave, well read and a man of fine choices. He introduces you to rare fragrances and exquisite food. And you know that only the most luxuriant grooming products will meet his approval. Our Shaving Foam is a blend of rare botanicals, scented with the fragrance of pure Sandalwood and Mint. This product pampers the skin and leaves a lingering fresh fragrance behind – well suited to the stylish Dad who seems to weave a spell without trying too hard.

The Calm Dad will find his match in the Pure Vetiver Water:

He is the wall between you and the storm and so you seldom experience any rough weather in your life. He never brings his work home or his stress of looming deadlines. For this Daddy cool, our Vetiver Water – a great After Shave Mist – makes for a wonderful gift. It is a natural astringent that fights any negative effect of dirt, impurities or worries on the skin. It is understated in its elegance, earthy and balanced – just like your unflappable Dad.

The Hard-working Dad will thank you for the Skin Brightening Night Cream:

Holidays, breaks, off-time are not words you are likely to find in his dictionary. He settles for nothing but better than the best for you. And so we recommend only the most outstanding experience for him – our Skin Brightening Night cream for Men. The finest of Kashmir Saffron, exotic Indian Madder & healing Aloe Vera come together in this miraculous night cream to fight ageing, dullness and fatigue for well rested, fresh skin in the morning. Gift this hard worker to your Dad, so he has the skin care he truly deserves.

For the Traditional Dad choose the Himalayan Deodar Soap:

He is the man who holds the door for you mother, even today. He likes to dress sharp and talk politely. He leads by example and expects you to follow. And even though he is awkward with hugs and back-slaps, you can never doubt his unconditional love. Such a special dad should be treated to the our natural handmade Himalayan Deodar Soap. Enriched with the essential oil of Himalayan Deodar, this soap refreshes and balances without negating the natural moisture of the skin. The unique woody, masculine fragrance is a natural fit for the bath regime for your classic Dad.

Sporty, flawless or hardworking, whatever his personality may be, the truth is that it is not easy being a Father today. The new-age Father is not your quintessential go to work and command respect dad anymore. He is a hands-on dad, who loves to brew his own coffee and has a point of view on all things – even those tasks which till yesterday were considering a mother’s-only job. And being beautifully strong just comes naturally to this almost perfect Papa. He surely deserves nothing less than the Happiest Father’s Day ever.

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