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Research shows omega-3 fatty acids are integral in maintaining cell function and regulating hormones, so it’s no wonder medical professionals love recommending a diet featuring omega-3-rich fish and nuts! However, if fish and nuts aren’t your thing, you can still get those fabulous fats in your diet with Young Living vitamins and supplements. Our OmegaGize supplement contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, plus vitamin D3 and antioxidants like CoQ10.

YL tip: If taking a fish oil supplement doesn’t sit well with your stomach, try taking it with a meal or right before bed.


Longevity is a Young Living exclusive! Made with a proprietary blend of essential oils, Longevity is designed to help support normal immune function, while preventing oxidative stress from free radicals. Clove, Thyme, and Orange essential oils join forces with Frankincense to deliver the nutrients your body needs and to support normal levels of brain-health superstar DHA. The final result? Better general health and well-being.

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