New to Essential Oils and how to use essential oils

You’ll smell amazing

“You have to tell me what perfume you’re wearing!” You’re going to hear this a lot. You’ll chuckle to yourself because it’s not really perfume at all: It’s the pure scent of Mother Nature herself—Young Living essential oils!

Ooze confidence wherever you go with one of our scent-sational Patchouli perfume recipes. People are going to want to know how you smell just like a blossoming orange grove or field of brilliant purple lavender, and you’ll tell them that it’s because that’s exactly where the aroma came from! It’s the smell of Seed to Seal® premium essential oils.

You’ll get inspired to greater overall wellness

A gym bag isn’t complete without your army of oils. A few drops of invigorating Peppermint Vitality can be just the thing you need to do that extra pull-up or run that extra mile. A drop of Grapefruit Vitality™ can be the difference between drinking a couple sips of water or the entire bottle. Keep these oils handy for those moments when a little motivation could help you go the distance. Aside from these two incredible oils, there are various other Young Living products that are great to add as part of your active lifestyle.

They’ll help make your house a home

Essential oils have a way of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Create the atmosphere you desire in your home with the help of sweet-smelling diffuser blends. With only a few drops of Cinnamon Bark, Orange, and Clove, a dark, cold winter night can turn into a festive, cozy evening. With natural home fragrances like this, you’ll find it easier to enjoy each day for the gift it is and spend more time cuddling and conversing than daydreaming of tropical beaches.

Essential oils can also enhance even the most basic of daily rituals. Your little ones will love the dreamy aromas of gentle Tangerine and enchanting Lavender as part of their bedtime routine. When they bring home that crazy boyfriend or crash the car as teens, you can smell these oils and remember simpler days of storytime, jammies, and butterfly kisses.

Make sure Young Living essential oils are a part of your family milestones and everyday activities, so with just a quick whiff, you can transport yourself back to your happiest, most magical memories.

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