Palmarosa Essential Oil Benefits | Young Living Essential Oils

Pssst, we’re letting you in on a secret worth sharing. You can be in paradise anytime, anywhere with . . . Palmarosa essential oil. That’s right, transport to your happy place with this gem you’ll want to keep within palm’s reach!

What does Palmarosa smell like?

Imagine walking through a grassy field, cool soil beneath you, the warm sun beaming above you, and a breeze swaying through fresh lemon trees toward you. Palmarosa is all of that, bottled up and ready to be set free in your diffuser, hand, or cotton ball.

Palmarosa is Lemongrass’ cousin, Rose’s lover, and Geranium’s best friend, because this earthy, clean-scented wonder complements all these essential oils. It’s a cheery oil found in Joy™ essential oil blend —no surprise there.

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