Quick clean: How to refresh your bathroom with essential oils

Looking for ways to freshen up your bathroom in a time crunch? Essential oils are the ultimate tool for quickly giving your bathroom a deep-cleaned feel. You can diffuse them, spray them, and even use them in your trash can! Keep reading for some of our favorite bathroom cleaning tips, tricks, and ways to prevent bad odors from taking over.

How to refresh your bathroom with essential oils

We understand that you don’t always have time to deep clean your bathroom. Maybe you’ve been laboring away all day making dinner and you’ve got only half an hour left to tidy up the bathroom before your guests arrive. Maybe you’re simply worn out from a long day at work and need to take a bath to recover, but the bathroom isn’t exactly inviting in its current state. Whatever your situation, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you keep your bathroom fresh, even when you’re short on time.

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