Quiz: Quiz: Discover which Vitality oils you need

Life is good. In fact, life is pretty darn awesome. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment and imagine what life would be like if you’d won the lottery. Or fell into a trust fund you didn’t know existed. Either way, all that imaginary money means a ton of dreamy options!

Take our quiz packed with “If I were rich, I’d totally…” questions—ideal vacation home, unique job, extravagant hobby—and discover which Vitality™ essential oils you need to make your real life just as dreamy.


Are you an Instagram influencer or is creating delicious recipes more your jam? Take this quiz to learn what your claim to fame says about your inner nature—and your inner Nature’s Ultra CBD product! Make it a triple quiz day and see if we can guess your pet peeve based on your answers to these quiz questions.

Which Vitality oils do you need in your kitchen?

Tell us your results in the comments.

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