Soak up some Zen: 6 tips to take your meditation to the next level

Add ambiance  

If sitting in silence is too much, try adding some calming music or nature sounds. Did you know our Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser and Rainstone® Diffuser both feature a selection of sounds and the ability to plug in your phone to add your own music? We recommend instrumental pieces or crashing waves.

Roll often

If you need a little peace and calm on the go, try a roll-on. Before hectic meetings, crazy traffic, and homework time, take a few deep breaths and swipe on this combo.

In a 10 ml glass roll-on, add:

Then fill the rest of the roll-on bottle with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex.

Create a community

While meditation is technically a solo activity, there can be so much strength to be found with a support group. Find friends or loved ones who encourage your practice and cheer you on as you grow.

Diffuse now

Single essential oils are powerful by themselves (just like you!), but blending two or more oils can create aromas that immediately put you in a mind of fierce focus and sweet centeredness.

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