Test 7 things that start happening once you start using rose water

Just the mention of Rose brings a cooling and soothing sensation to our senses. The elegant Rose flower has been a symbol of love, friendship and forgiveness not merely by coincidence. Ayurvedic texts mention that Rose has a unique property that helps in balancing Sadhaka Pitta, the subdosha of Pitta governing the emotions and their effect on the heart.

Roses play a starring role in ayurvedic beauty care and since thousand of years, women have used it in their daily routine in the form of Rose Water. Because of being a tridoshic flower, Ayurvedic healers recommend it for all people with all kinds of doshas. Apart from cooling a blazing pitta dosha—the mind-body force associated with fire, heat, anger, ambition, and stress, it also balances Vata and Kapha.

Kama’s Pure Rose Water made from the roses of Kannauj – a region in North India through steam distillation process is of unmatched purity. Once you start using it regularly, you will notice that these seven things will start happening to you as start benefiting from the powerful healing properties of Rose.

  1. Your skin begins to glow
  2. Rose water cools, moisturizes, and tones the skin. The essence of rose augments the glow and complexion of the skin. By enhancing all seven dhatus (body tissues), the rose enlivens inner beauty and bring out the natural glow.

  3. You start feeling good
  4. Rose water has strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties that enhances your mood by relaxing your nervous system.

  5. Your skin breakouts reduce
  6. When used for a longer period, roses water pacifies the heat in the blood and prevents skin imbalances, thereby preventing the skin from erupting.

  7. Your dark circles lighten up
  8. Rosewater is well known for removing dark circles while refreshing tired and stressed eyes. Just by applying it under the eyes every night before sleeping, you can start noticing improvement.

  9. Your skin becomes free from bacterial infections
  10. Rose water is antibacterial, soothing, healing and has antiseptic properties. Hence, it purifies the skin and protects it from bacterial infections.

  11. Your skin pH level becomes balanced
  12. The PH of rose water is very close to 5.5 which just so happens to be what your skin’s PH should be. Coincidence? We think it’s a match made in heaven! Using rose water after cleansing balances the PH of your skin and your beauty products absorb better into your skin.

  13. Your skin feels hydrated
  14. While some people think that toners dry the skin out, it’s quite the opposite. When natural toner like rose water is used, it freshens up your skin by settling into your pores and providing it with mild hydration. Overtime, this improves skin texture significantly.

Rose water is undoubtedly the beauty magic potion and while you will find one in every household of India, it’s only the purest Rose Water that provides the best benefits. Kama’s Pure Rose Water is a decadent floral distillation that refreshes, hydrates and tones leaving skin scented with the luxuriant scent of pure Roses. It is available at all Kama retail stories as well as on the online store and costs 275 INR for 50 ml.

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