The ultimate DIY essential oil gift guide

DIY bath salts and melts. Help those on your list live their best bathtub life by gifting them homemade bath salts or bath melts. These DIYs are easy to make, but they take bathtime from boring to blissful.

DIY leave-in conditioner. Enhance those lovely locks with the gift of a DIY leave-in conditioner that is full of thirst-quenching ingredients like aloe vera juice and avocado oil.

DIY essential oil-infused salt. If someone on your list enjoys cooking or barbecuing, DIY flavored salts are the perfect gift to elevate their dishes from good to gourmet!

DIY CBD skin salve. Ditch store-bought skin salves for this natural, homemade alternative. This gift will be a godsend for those who struggle with dry hands and feet.

DIY exfoliating soap. Help the people on your list achieve soft, supple skin with this moisturizing and exfoliating soap.

DIY Christmas gifts for kids

Gift fun and interactive DIYs that will entertain children for hours on end.

Play dough. Did you know that you can make your own oil-infused play dough at home? This quick and easy DIY combines aromatherapy, color, and creativity for a gift that will lead to hours of safe, sensory-rich fun for your kids.

Finger paint. Give the gift of endless creativity with homemade finger paint. Have you ever inspected the label of store-bought paints? Many include ingredients you probably don’t want your child playing with. These paints are simple to make, natural, and can even be scented with your favorite kid-safe oils for extra fun.

Moon sand. This addictively playful DIY is one that kids will love. Moon sand combines fun textures, colors, and scents with moldability to press into any shape and size for endless hours of sensory play!

Fun-filled Christmas activities. Christmas presents don’t always need to be given in the form of material items. As an alternative, you can give the gift of a fun-filled day that is focused on activities for you and your kids to do together! This can allow you to bond and create unforgettable memories with each other. Try planning a special outing that your kids haven’t experienced before or that they especially look forward to. That look of surprise and awe on a little one’s face is priceless.

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