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Are you ready to slow down, take a break, and ease your body and mind with a soothing yoga flow?

With all we’re going through in the world, it’s virtually impossible not to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or ungrounded…

To nourish you through these tumultuous times, our beloved Claire Eli — our beautiful resident yoga teacher here at Floracopeia — has created a gentle yoga sequence that we’re thrilled to share with you.

If you’re like many of us — still practicing social distancing, or slowly easing back into the world with care and caution — now is the time to roll out your mat and treat yourself to a nurturing at-home yoga sequence.

5 tips to enhance your yoga space

If you like to boost the centering, grounding effects of yoga with extra calming rituals and practices, try these tips from Claire:

  1. Roll out your mat in a quiet space — preferably sunny
  2. Light a candle to create the perfect ambiance for your sanctuary 
  3. Diffuse an essential oil like frankincense to enhance your focus
  4. Grab a cushion for modifications
  5. Set your intention to release tension! 

We hope you love the heart-opening poses and grounding breath exercises in this sequence. 

There are asanas to open your shoulders, poses to soothe your head and neck, gentle twists to nourish your organs, and a short guided relaxation to make sure you feel nice and melty all weekend long. 

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