Why we lowkey can’t get enough of Hinoki essential oil

Feeling frazzled? Imagine you can kiss your troubles goodbye as you turn a corner into a Japanese Zen garden filled with bountiful bonsais and serene cypress trees. You can hear the drizzle of a gracefully flowing brook and feel the soft touch of Mother Nature’s mist on your cheeks as you inhale the calming, woodsy scent of the scene.

Transport your soul to this exquisite setting when you explore the uses of Hinoki essential oil. This light, foresty aroma, with a hint of citrus and spice, was derived from Hinoki cypress trees in southern Japan. Whether you need to refresh your soul or create a calm ambiance, bring Zen into your life by mastering the uses of Hinoki oil.


We lost count of all the spaces and places that can benefit from a diffused dose of Hinoki. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Welcome guests to your foyer or living room with this clean, elegant scent.
  • Brighten any bedroom by diffusing this uplifting aroma in the morning as you open the windows and let in the light.
  • Create a calm meditation or yoga space with this light, foresty fragrance.
  • Spend time in your study reading a book or planning your week while surrounded by this inspiring scent.
  • Transform the bathroom into a steamy sauna by diffusing Hinoki while you take a hot bath.

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